Monday, October 6, 2014

A Little Introduction

For anyone new to my blog, I am a monster maker, an artist, illustrator, animator, and a little bit of a freak. I might get slightly off subject now and then, but for the most part everything you find here will be horror/Halloween/creature related. I love these things and always will. 

I have been making monsters for most of my life on paper or in sculpture form, I have worked on television, film, and in print. My work has been shown on The Martha Stewart Show, and Ancient Aliens. I also work as a freelance illustrator and teach digital media and animation. 

The new plan is to start sharing how to make props with you. I plan to make both written and video tutorials to help you haunt your own house. I am always happy to hear any ideas or opinions on my projects, so talk to me people! 

I think that is all....probably not. 

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