Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spider how to

This is going to be real basic for now, I have a full schedule and do not have time to be detailed.
You will need the following
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Tin snips
  • Masking tape
  • Assorted latex paints (Whatever colors you want) 
  • A styrofoam egg and ball, size is up to you. (I used the 48mm egg & 76mm ball)
  • wood shish kabob sticks
  • Fake pearls (for eyes)
  • Metal wire
  • paint brushes (duh)
  • Sharpie marker
  1. Take eight shish kabob sticks and drawing guidelines on them to make the cuts even.
  2. Use the snips to cut them and keep the segments organized. Then cut the wire to the length of two legs, leave enough room for the spiders body to set between them. 
  3. Tape the segments to the wire in the order shown below. The legs need to be thoroughly  covered in tape. Bend at joints to desired shape.

    4. Cut another stick to drive into the two styrofoam balls to hold them together. The egg on should be impaled the long way. 
    5. When all the legs have been created, use the masking tape to tie them to the egg and to cover the surface of the ball and egg.
    6. Use hot glue to strengthen the legs connection to the body and to add texture to the surface of your spider as desired. 
    7. Paint the surface of the spider the desired base color, I used a very dark purple. Let it dry and then paint it too look like a spider you like the look of, or use your imagination. 
     8. Hot glue eyes onto the spiders head when the paint has dried. 
     9. If you would like to add hair you can use paint brush bristles or fake fur ad just hot glue them on. Also you glue on a fishing line if you want to hang it. 

Be very careful with sharp objects and the agonizingly hot glue gun. Have fun, and happy haunting my friends!

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