Monday, October 6, 2014

Spiders part I

Spiders have always been a source of fear for man. In folklore around the world and modern stories, spiders crawl through our imagination as both subjects of fear and wonder. Anasi in African lore, Arachne in Greek, Shelob of Lord of the Rings, Aragog of Harry Potter, and countless others prey on the heroes of our imagination. Arachnophobia (The fear of spiders) is a common fear to exploit at this time of year. Yard haunts are draped in webs and crawling with a wide range of spiders of many shapes and sizes. I for one think the smaller ones are far more effective at scaring, but the larger ones can be so visually striking and iconic that it is nearly as much of a necessity to a haunt as witches and ghosts. This year I plan to create a nest of giant spiders as well as an egg sack and web-bound victims for my porch, forcing the squeamish to face spiders all shapes and sizes. Some will be store bought, but the stars of my haunt will be my hand made monsters, as always. This red and purple spider is one of five this size that I will make, and later I will include instructions.  Happy Haunting my friends!