Monday, October 6, 2014

Zombie Cat

I make monsters, it is what I do. I love animals and I in no way find the death of living things a delight, but I also have a love for the paranormal and horror films are my favorite. I am very polarized I suppose. Undead things are my favorite type of monster. I love vampires, ghosts, zombies, mummies, and all their cousins and kin. When I saw the cat skeleton at Target my mind could see making a monster of it in an instant and it was snatched up and on the slab waiting for new life to come in two shakes of a bat's wing. Then, when I was done I imagined how horrifying it would be to hear scratching at the back door and to look out and see a clearly dead animal clawing to get in. I took the photo out the dining room doors while the paint was still wet.  Undead animals have been a part of myth and legend in many cultures, most are ghosts, or evil spirits in disguise.

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