Thursday, October 9, 2014


This prop was a combo static prop and fogger. I plan to make a tutorial for it soon. 

Candy Beast

I am always looking for new things to turn into monsters. This is just one more horror to add to my collection.

The Horseman 1 of 13

I started a series of digital paintings and I plan to work my way through all thirteen ghosts I want to paint. The first was the traditional horseman. My version is a blue flaming skeleton on a skeletal horse swinging a fiery chain. I think I was influenced by a few sources including the Headless Horseman and a poem called Daniel Webster's Horses. 

Daniel Webster’s Horses
Elizabeth Coatsworth

If when the wind blows
Rattling the tress,
Clicking like skeletons’
Elbows and knees,

You hear along the road
Three horses pass,
Do not go near the dark
Cold window-glass
If when the first snow lies
Whiter than bones,
You see the mark of hoofs
Cut to the stones,

Hoofs of three horses
Going abreast—
Turn about, turn about,
A closed door is best!

Upright in the earth
Under the sod
They buried three horses,
Bridled and shod,

Daniel Webster’s horses—
He said as he grew old,
“Flesh, I loved riding,
Shall I not love it cold?

“Shall I not love to ride
Bone astride bone,
When the cold wind blows
And snow covers stone?

“Bury them on their feet,
With bridle and bit.
They were good horses.
See their shoes fit.”

Ghost II


Ghost 2012

Yard Haunt 2014

things are progressing nicely here as we start to build the haunt. We have a ton of work to do, but it looks good so far. I don't want to show too much. It will look best when it is all lit, and foggy.

Our mail box guardian.

One of the bodies in the tree.

The Ghost

I built this guy a few years ago. We are having a lot of storms this year. I hope he holds up. I also am a big fan of creepy poems, so here is one for you now.


I am almost afraid of the wind out there.
The dead leaves skip on the porches bare,
The windows clatter and whine.
I sit here in the quiet house. low-lit.
With the clock that ticks and the books that stand.
Wise and silent, on every hand.

I am almost afraid; though I know the night
Lets no ghosts walk in the warm lamplight.
Yet ghosts there are; and they blow, they blow,
Out in the wind and the scattering snow.-
When I open the windows and go to bed,
Will the ghosts come In and stand at my head?

Last night I dreamed they came back again.
I heard them talking; I saw them plain.
They hugged me and held me and loved me; spoke
Of happy doings and friendly folk.
They seemed to have journeyed a week away,
but now they were ready and glad to stay.

But, oh, if they came on the wind to-night
Could I bear their faces, their garments white
Blown in the dark around my lonely bed?
Oh, could I forgive them for being dead?
I am almost afraid of the wind. My shame!
That I would not be glad if my dear ones came!
Fannie Stearns Davis

More Spider Stuff

Just pics on this one folks. 

Spider how to

This is going to be real basic for now, I have a full schedule and do not have time to be detailed.
You will need the following
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Tin snips
  • Masking tape
  • Assorted latex paints (Whatever colors you want) 
  • A styrofoam egg and ball, size is up to you. (I used the 48mm egg & 76mm ball)
  • wood shish kabob sticks
  • Fake pearls (for eyes)
  • Metal wire
  • paint brushes (duh)
  • Sharpie marker
  1. Take eight shish kabob sticks and drawing guidelines on them to make the cuts even.
  2. Use the snips to cut them and keep the segments organized. Then cut the wire to the length of two legs, leave enough room for the spiders body to set between them. 
  3. Tape the segments to the wire in the order shown below. The legs need to be thoroughly  covered in tape. Bend at joints to desired shape.

    4. Cut another stick to drive into the two styrofoam balls to hold them together. The egg on should be impaled the long way. 
    5. When all the legs have been created, use the masking tape to tie them to the egg and to cover the surface of the ball and egg.
    6. Use hot glue to strengthen the legs connection to the body and to add texture to the surface of your spider as desired. 
    7. Paint the surface of the spider the desired base color, I used a very dark purple. Let it dry and then paint it too look like a spider you like the look of, or use your imagination. 
     8. Hot glue eyes onto the spiders head when the paint has dried. 
     9. If you would like to add hair you can use paint brush bristles or fake fur ad just hot glue them on. Also you glue on a fishing line if you want to hang it. 

Be very careful with sharp objects and the agonizingly hot glue gun. Have fun, and happy haunting my friends!