Thursday, October 30, 2014

Being an Artist


Being an artist isn’t easy, it can be fun, but making a living is a real challenge sometimes. I paint windows for stores, teach painting and drawing classes, and teach at a local college that is closing soon. (sadly) I illustrate, do graphic design work and occasionally build something for someone. Sometimes I think I should do something else to make a better living, but being an artist is who I am and it is very hard to not be who you are.


The Hound

The Hound is a tale by H P Lovecraft about a creature chasing a couple of grave robbers in an effort to punish them for defiling a cultist's tomb.

Last Year

Last year we planned a camping trip that was blocked by a powerful storm that could produce tornados, so we stayed at my friends place and told stories, watched movies and ate and ate some more. It was a lot of fun even if our plans didn't work out. Every year I try to create an illustration that captures the feel of that year and for last year I picked a Halloween tornado.

Dreams in the Witch House


Dreams in the Witch House is one of my favorite works by H P Lovecraft, I created this prop with that story in mind. She is a favorite of many of my friends and I plan to build her two sisters based on other stories.

Beautiful Vampire

My lovely girlfriend and I went as vampires this year. She looked great.


All Them Witches

Ethan Black Arts 2005 ©

In 2005, created this coven of witches for my yard haunt. They are long gone, but I plan to build two more witches to go with the one I have.  They will be ready for 2015. Yep, already making plans.