Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Artist Rights and Christmas Demons

So it seems that artists have very little right to protect their own work these days. I have a piece of my work floating around out there on the net that is being used to promote the new Krampus film by Michael Dougherty, who I am a big fan of, but it is so hard to make it as an artist in this world, and when people use your art to promote their article or their company or jut because they like it, and they don't pay you. They kill the industry just a little every time. Some want to say "It would be great exposure for you!" Bull!!! It is a great chance for you to exploit an artist to make you money! I am trying to keep a cool head about this kind of thing, but it is not easy. 

I have started to include my logo on my work as you can see, but the damage with my past work is already done, sad to say. If you see someone using an artists work and they are not credited, let the poster know in the comments who the artist is and give a link to the artists work if you can.