Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vampire Lover

Last Halloween my beautiful girlfriend and I dressed as vampires and she was a knockout. Her look reminded me of the hammer film hotties of the Christopher Lee era. I love dressing as vampires, I know they get a bad rap and that they have been degraded my more modern films, but the old blood sucking fiends are a favorite of mine. Dracula, Nosferatu, Salem's lot, all did it right. Not all the modern films are bad. Let The Right One In, 30 days of night, Day Breakers are examples of some great vamp films. 

My cousin and I heading to the Halloween party 2014

The Creature Feature gang and friends. 
From left to right (Me, Linda Wylie, Larry Underwood aka Dr. Gangrene, Carrie Galloway, and Donnie Waddell) 

Abigail and I at the epic Halloween party.

Halloween 2007 (Same year as 30 days of Night came out)

Creature Feature event, I don't recall the date. 
Chuck Angel, Larry again, and myself.

12 year old me with the late great Sir Cecil Crape.

My family getting into the fun. I wish they were still cool enough to get dressed up like this. I was around seven when this photo was taken. I love this photo....But not the furniture.