Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Cernunnos, the god of the wild, is a favorite deity of mine. I love nature as much as Halloween. Some friends of mine are throwing a Beltane celebration and I am planning a costume. I had horns last year and this year I am adding antlers, hoves and some primitive clothing with body paint. 


A quick drawing from the other day that you might enjoy. 


I loved this movie as a child, even though the things scared the hell out of me. I was always afraid they would come out of some cabinet or something and grab me.
I plan to create a full color version and to make prints available. Stay on me about it and it might happen. 

, and I 
This might have had something to do with me wanting to draw a Gremlin. 

So Sorry

It has been too long and I have not been posting like I should. I am back now and am going to try to do better. Things got a little crazy there. I have some new stuff that is done, some new stuff in the works and a schedule of things to do. I hope to keep you in creepy all year long. Here are a few incomplete projects to get you started and some images from my visit to Walker Stalker Con Nashville. Happy Haunting my fiends!

This lady and her dress were wonderful. 

I got an autograph from a favorite vampire of mine. 

And I went to the zoo. 

Now you are all caught up except for another little surprise.