Friday, August 18, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017


This is my cat, Abaddon. She is a little devil, so the name suits her. I was fairly pleased with this photo, amazing what a camera phone can do these days. 


This illustration was going to be just for the fun of it, but Monster Mountain Haunted Attraction wants it for their annual shirt design, so I have to make a colour version. I am very pleased. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Magic Box

Magically protected my money box for art shows. A pox upon any who open the box! Mwahahahaha!

Night Gaunt

My near satanic Night Gaunt is one of the most metal things I have drawn. 

Bishop Fish

Bishop Fish is a 16th century Catholic legend of a sea monster who was captured and held by the king of Poland. When it was at last released it made the sign of the cross and blessed the monks whe had set it free.

Batty for Bats

Doodling bats is something great to pass the time. They are the coolest creatures ever.

Jewelry Holder

Finding Gothic items that are suited to my taste and practical and well made, is sometimes difficult, so I have fashioned this jewelry holder for my collection. I hope you like it.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Poe Illustration

I created this illustration with the idea that it could be used for a book or a print. How many of the stories do you recognize? 13 are represented.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Medusa Wreath

My Medusa wreath was a big hit, but sadly the sun destroyed it and I am not sure I can fix it well enough to reuse it again. Time will tell. 

Dark Magic

I will get over my trip to Salem and stop posting about it one day, but it is not THIS day!

Spell book fragment

Two of my practice sketchbook illustrations. I have been told they look very spell book like. The runes are what really give it the right look. 


My horror paintings over the past two years.

Creepmas in July

As I have failed spectacularly to post anything in a long while, here are the Creepmas photos I took this past Yule. My ghouls were hanging out by the tree all month.

Marley's Wreath

This past Yule I created a Christmas Carol themed wreath for the front door, and  someone liked it so much that I sold it to them and now it lives in Maine. I will most likely make another, I love it very much and the creepy Christmas thing is very suited to me and my fiends.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Salem for October

Last Hallowe'en we spent a week in Salem Massachusetts, it was wonderful. I don't travel much and this is the greatest distance from home I have ever been. I have many souvenirs. 
My new pal Puzuzu joined us the first day out.

Some of the buildings seemed well suited to the cities history. This one sits right next to the Salem cemetery.

On Hallowe'en night I found and bought this awesome ring that I now wear every day. 

Abigail's costume was a huge hit.

Salem Cemetery.

Meet Mr. Barlow.

I had so much fun, I want to return.

Silhouettes and more Nosferatu


That's right, I'm back, baby!

This post is all about Nosferatu for me and Monsters & Merriment as well. This year is the films 95th anniversary and it still shines like a drop of blood in the moonlight. This is one of many Nosferatu themed projects I am working on and many more will be coming very soon.

I drew this to distract myself from the stress of waiting for my girlfriend to get out of surgery. It has been a hard year, but I think things are getting better.

Among my on going projects is this prototype bumper sticker that I plan to color and print. If they turn out well, I might start selling them online. 

Another Nosferatu!

Nosferatu I did seven years ago or so.  

Sorry Sorry Sorry

I know, I haven't posted in ages. Un-Life got in the way. Here are some things to sate your thirst for my creations. I have tons planned for the near future and I will post, I swear. I painted these two little darlings a while back and noticed I never posted them here. Well, here they are.

Next up!
 The Shroud

Also painted way back when but never posted. I have so much catching up to do on here.