Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fire imp

One of my old decorations was to far gone to salvage, so back to the fires with this demon!

The Skulking Dead

I made this guy to skulk in the shadows, he is very creepy when I come home in the evening.

New Ghost

I created this fine fellow last week, he will be haunting my front yard as the kids brave the night in search of treats. I will have many more images and video of the big night, but it may be a few days after the big day. Happy haunting my fiends! 

Thursday, October 19, 2017


One day I will get around to really making some video stuff, but it is so hard to find time. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Monsters and Merriment

My design & illustration work fo r this years flyer.

My creatures were a big hit with everyone!

 Agatha scared a little girl and a dog really well. 

This is my favorite image from the show, no doubt.

Nice to meet you!

My most recent plant monster. 

Monsters and Merriemnt!

So many great things! Not all mine!

Fontanel was the venue.

My undead trick r treater.

My display.

My tribute to Nosferatu on his 95 anniversary.

A dead fairy artist had a big booth and a big night!

This ladies work was wonderful fun!

Monsters and Merriment!!

More Monsters and Merriment photos, these are mostly my lovely lady and or myself and my display.

Monsters and Merriment!!!

I have never sold so much at a Halloween art show. It was amazing, even if I kind of miss my creations. These are just a sample of the big sellers who have gone on to new homes.