Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Nucklavee

This creature is evidence of evil fairies. He is a toxic monster that roams the roads at night assaulting travelers and damaging crops and farm animals. He comes from the sea, but fresh water seems to be a turn off for him. He is able to change his form and for some inexplicable reason he chooses this of a twisted horse and rider freak thing. Probably to make you fill your shorts. What a creep.


Abraxas is a strange looking demon with a very eclectic past. Many sources disagree on some major points and I felt like I was chasing my tail trying to get them straight. If you are interested in trying, good luck. Here is the Wiki page

A New Year

I hope everyone's year is off to a  good start. I have some stuff for you and some big plans this year. Lets get started, shall we? I have been very disorganized and there are many things I have made that I have failed to share with you. Sorry, my bad. First of all, this is my animated logo, that I plan, one day, to use while making videos for your enjoyment. I need some equipment to accomplish this, but we will get there.

Next, we have my green screen project from my days teaching film and animation at IADT of Nashville. Spooky fun stuff!

And last of all, we have an animatic storyboard I created for a client who never  followed through on his end of the agreement. Shocking, I know.