Monday, January 21, 2019

Siren's Song

Ethan Black

I painted this lovely murderes of the sea on a 24 x 36 canvas with acrylic paint. I am very proud of the results and plan to publish prints.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Mr Marley, or, An Underdone Potato

An Underdone Potato, by Ethan Black
24x36 acrylic on canvas

The Halloween season is behind us and we are entering the icy realm of winter and as Yule nears I am in the mood for ghosts. My friends and I love a good ghost story and Jacob Marley is my favorite ghost of all. I have been very ill over the past few days (E coli) and am just now, mostly recovered. This is a strong return to productivity, I hope it continues. 

Friday, November 2, 2018


Slaughterhouse Haunted Attraction 2018

October 31st 2018

I dressed up a few times this year. Once for Monsters and Merriment, a few times for SlaughterHouse Haunted attraction, for a Halloween party, and for Halloween itself. 
Boris Karloff as Ardith Bey, Halloween costume 2018

Dr Frankenstein for Monsters and Merriment

A full month with all kinds of Halloween and horror, still I crave more. 

Halloween 2018

I wasn't home Halloween Night, it was kind of dead anyway. Wednesday night and threats of rain. I spent the evening watching horror films with friends. Next year I will amp it up a bit, I hope. 

The Veil is Lifted

The Veil is Lifted, By Ethan Black
I painted this 24x36 acrylic on canvas on Halloween, I worked from early in the morning on into lunch.

How Was Your Halloween?

We had a ton of fun here. I am exhausted and need to refuel. I hope your October was one to remember.

Monday, October 8, 2018


Illustration I came up with randomly in the middle of the night. The muse loves to come see me just as I try to go to bed. lol


I got to live out a childhood dream of being Micheal Myers for a haunted attraction last weekend. It was hot and uncomfortable, but I scared the living hell out of some folks and was laughing hard under my mask.